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Tips to Make Your Own Coffee Mug

Have you ever, while looking for custom products and typing mug printing near me on your favorite search engine, thought of putting in the effort and making one on your own?

Whether you want to give a gift to a friend on a special occasion or want to casually give it to a loved one without any reason, we all agree that a personalized mug made with love is a bespoke gift in itself! 

Design your mug using special porcelain paints and a personalized design in mind. Coffee mugs are one of the most versatile — and valuable — ways to get your message across, brighten someone’s day, or add panache to your décor.

Want to learn how to paint a mug on your own? Read on to be able to master the art of making your coffee mug!


Get a coffee mug 

First things first, to make your coffee mug, you need to buy a mug. As a beginner, try going for either glass or ceramic mugs as these are relatively easy to work with. Glass tends to look great with glitter and etching medium. In contrast, ceramic is perfect for decorating with paint.

Make sure to buy a mug that has no writing or design. Also, while you can use any color, prefer white to use as your “canvas.” 

Remember you can:

  • Repurpose one from home. Just make sure it’s in decent condition.
  • Avoid spending unnecessary amounts of money by purchasing one from a craft store. Many craft stores sell a variety of plain, white mugs in various sizes for a low price.

Before you start working on the mug, it is essential to make sure it is washed and dry, even if you picked the mug from your own home. 


Create your mug design 

You can design your mug in whatever way you want (Your mug, Your rules!). However, in case you intend to put a name or specific shape on the mug, you’ll probably first need to create a design template to use as your guide. So, say hello to your best friend, Mr. Google, and search online for designs. Once you decide on a design that you like, print and create a template.

Pro Tip: Avoid complicated designs initially.

And since we are talking about personalizing, purchase letter stencils that will fit the mug. This way, you will be able to put a name on the mug or even a cute “inside” saying. 


Layer your mug

If you don’t want a white background, you have to paint the background of your mug. Once you have painted the background, don’t forget to let it dry completely before painting the main design.


Time to trace your design onto the mug

Use a wax pencil to transfer the design to the mug by tracing or following the printed design.

You can either use a thin masking tape to get clean paint lines or cut out the design and paint around it. Whatever way you choose, we guarantee you will love how your mug looks once you are done with it and have the final product in your hands. 

Tip: NEVER spray seal. Using spray sealer on DIY mugs is highly inadvisable as the sealer tends to clump or fog in certain places when run in a dishwasher.


Make your mug even more special

Now that you have taken so many pains, add a hint of personal touches to make the mug even more special. Maybe an inside joke or a nickname that only the two of you know? You will be surprised at the emotional value these little steps are going to add to your mug! 


Some Popular Ways of Mug Decoration

Some of the most popular supplies used for decorating mugs are:

  • Acrylic Paint – if you use paint, make sure it is suitable for glass and ceramic. This would be something with a multi-surface, porcelain, or enamel on the label.
  • Etching Medium – you’ll need a special medium for this process. You’ll also want to wear gloves as the product is acid. It’s a unique look, and you’ll love the results.
  • Nail Polish – marbling with nail polish is very popular.
  • Sharpies – you’ll want the oil-based paint pens. The regular Sharpies don’t provide consistency in terms of a permanent design.

Never forget to bake your DIY mug at 250º for 2 hours to make them dishwasher safe, especially if you have used Sharpies. This temperature and time also prevent the colors from being altered too much.


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