Screen Printing VS Digital Printing – Which is Best for Your Project?

Screen Printing

Despite being a centuries-old printing method, screen printing is still a popular method of printing. For screen printing, custom stencils (also known as the screen. Yes, that’s where this printing gets its name from!) are created and used to apply a different layer of color each time until the desired design is achieved.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is quite a new printing method. It can easily be called an infant when compared with screen printing- a method in vogue since the times of ancient Egyptians. Digital printing works similarly to a printer. The desired design is created and uploaded on a computer that then effectively prints it on the surface of the given product.

8 Factors to Help You Decide Which Printing Method is Better

While many lament the absence of choices, having many choices can be a tricky situation to be in. The field of printing is an apt example in this regard. While many methods can be employed to get the desired artwork, it is often quite a dilemma to choose whether to go for screen printing or digital printing, two of the most effective and popular printing methods.

Let us gauge both these printing methods concerning different features of printing techniques so that you can easily choose the printing method that is the best fit for your needs.

1. Durability

The first and foremost concern we, the printers and customers, are concerned with is the longevity of the design. Though the longer, the better, the printed design needs to last several washes at least before it starts to lose its shine and fade. Screen printing provides a print that retains its precision and colors much longer than a digital print.

2. Adding Special Effects

You can often find yourself wanting to add dimension to even the simplest of your logos and designs. Special effects require specialty inks and additives, and digital printing falls far behind screen printing in this regard. Not only do you have a vast range of special inks and additives to choose from when it comes to screen printing, but you can also mix and match a combination of these to obtain new and unique effects as per your budget and imagination.

3. Level of vibrancy

Suppose the material to be printed is dark or is a specialty product. In that case, screen printing has the edge over digital printing as it involves a thicker ink application that results in a better and more defined color finish.

4. Soft finish

While digital printing offers a more crisp and definite look, screen printing trumps digital printing if you want a more retro and softer look.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Barring the initial setup cost, screen printing is cheaper than digital printing in terms of cost per unit if the required design does not change and many printed products are required, especially in personalized product printing such as custom notebook printing.

6. Type of fabric

Screen printing is hands down a winner for printing on uneven surfaces. At the same time, working on products that have irregular shapes, such as mug printing, the printer often finds it challenging to print neatly. By using screen printing, the printer can work at different positions and angles with greater accuracy and precision than can be done in digital printing.

7. Customizability

If you deal in personalized item printing such as custom notebook printing, screen printing holds to be a better option. Not only is there more room for the colors that can be used, but an additional number of unique patterns and designs can also readily be created by applying several layers of ink.

8. Colour accuracy

Screen printing offers a more extensive and comprehensive range of colors to choose from than digital printing, which gives it an edge in printing darker materials. Also, there can be a difference in color precision in digital printing between the color that appears on screen and in actual print.

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