Screen Printing or Custom Embroidery – Which Should You Choose?

Embroidery and print are two popular choices when it comes to custom embroidery. Before we delve any further and start comparing and contrasting the two to decide which one is a better choice, we need to have a clear understanding of both of them to decide better the best option to opt for as per our needs.

Understanding the Difference Between Screen Printing & Embroidery

Screen printing is a common printing technique that involves passing ink through a mesh screen to create a printed design.

On the other hand, embroidery is the art of embellishing fabric with the help of thread and needles.

Though embroidery is a traditional method, many regard it better and even prefer it over modern printing methods, which are both easier to create and print and more effective in terms of time and cost.

Embroidery VS Printing

While both embroidery and printing are excellent choices for adorning or customizing merchandise, both have their advantages and disadvantages. This blog sheds light on the differences between the two to help you decide better the right choice for you and your business.

Embroidery is often costlier than printing

Cost is a major deciding factor in all business setups. Custom merchandise is no exception too. The type of print and the quantity required play a huge role in deciding whether it will be a cheaper option than embroidery or not. Direct transfer printing is often considered a better option for smaller quantities. Still, silk screen printing, a better and more durable choice, provides a better alternative for bulk quantities.

Even though embroidery is often costlier when compared to conventional printing, especially for smaller quantities, it can prove cost-effective considering its durability. Still, for logos and designs that are both large and in bulk quantities, printing is a proven, cost-effective method.

Screen printing stands out better than embroidery in most cases

Printing, in specific screen printing, requires applying several layers of color, which ensures that the printed logo has more vibrant colors than an embroidered one.

Embroidery can withstand frequent washing

Since an embroidered logo is sewn on with thread, it can withstand washing better than printing, which shows more signs of wear and tear and is more likely to fade, crack, or even worse, peel quickly after a few washes. However, embroidered designs almost always last the life of the fabric they are sewn on.

Screen printing is more versatile

Although embroidery gives a more finished look in most fabrics, not many goods can be embroidered. But when it comes to materials such as glass, metal, wood, screen printing is the supreme and, in most cases, the only appropriate choice.

Screen printing goes well even with thin materials

While embroidery is often considered more beautiful than prints, there needs to be a thick material for embroidery to avoid wrinkling. Screen printing, on the other hand, can be done even on the thinnest of fabrics.

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