Screen Printing for Advertising – Sportswear Edition

When it comes to advertising, many businesses prefer to support sporting events or teams that can do the work for them. Sports advertising is an excellent approach to convey a sense of civic service to your audience and customers. In any case, modern printed t-shirts that symbolize your company are a terrific approach to boost your brand’s image and show that you care about your consumers’ feelings. This is the whole point of using sports to advertise. A popular team’s t-shirt will draw attention to your brand’s logo on the t-shirt, resulting in conversions.

When you sponsor a sports team or host a sporting event for your company’s entertainment, the t-shirt you design must be bold enough to be noticed by the crowd while yet being subtle enough to allow your brand to be seen all over the field. This is where screen printing in Salem, Oregon contributes to the value of sportswear. Screen printing, commonly known as silk screening, is a quick and easy way to transfer images to practically any surface. Screen printing can be used to create not only personalized t-shirts for your business, but also full-length printed fitness apparel, hats, and even polyester socks.

Benefits of Screen Printing on T-Shirts

Striking Colors and Images

The richness of the colors and pictures is one of the key advantages of screen printed t-shirts. Brands & Logo’s Screen printing in Portland Oregon produces bold, crisp, and bright pictures. Unlike direct to garment printing, this approach uses a thick ink type that stays on top of the cloth rather than being absorbed into it. Commonly printed t-shirts typically begin to fade from the first wash. The tee’s design gradually deteriorates, giving it a gruesome effect. The vivid and colorful designs and colors of screen printed t-shirts ensure that your brand is seen by a large number of people.

Works great with any color

The fabric is not pierced by the ink used in screen printing. This allows you to print your design in whatever color you want. Now you only have to choose colors that fit the contrast of the photographs you wish to use and the t-shirt’s color. The colors you choose will still aesthetically improve your brand’s image by giving them a sense of the quality of work you perform based on the image that the sports t-shirt projects onto them.

Professional-grade quality

If your team’s players are professionals, the clothing they wear should reflect that. The printed pieces seem quite professional thanks to screen printing in Portland. The printing device’s technology dries the ink so quickly that the colors on the fabric become durable and resistant to wear from normal use or scratching.

Customers are drawn to your company by the professionalism of your advertised clothes, as everyone desires high-quality services for themselves.

Completely customizable

You gain more insight into your graphics and trademarks when you engage with a business that specializes in screen printing. To achieve the finest quality of contrast and imagery on your t-shirts, professional printing firms hire artists and color experts.

The printing company will not only do their best to create a bold and vivid print for you, but they will also recommend colors for your initial run of t-shirts for brand promotion. When printing t-shirts for a sporting event, the positioning of the logo and image is critical. When it comes to sports apparel, screen printing allows you to be more creative with your color combinations.


T-shirt screen printing is a cost-effective option for ads and promotional items. Because the printing technique can be applied on any platform or cloth, it is quite versatile. It enables you to select the type of fabric you desire for your business advertising. Organizing the print head and adjusting the color parameters in standard printing methods takes a long time.

This slows down the process, and critical requirements cannot be met on time. In screen printing, the printer adjusts the colors according to the image on its own using a mesh. A screen printer takes very little time to print since the print head simply presses the design to the fabric using heat and pressure.

This enables screen printing to easily accept large orders while maintaining consistent print quality on each t-shirt. Because the print quality is excellent, the print on the t-shirt lasts a long time.

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