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Never Go Out of Style with these 5 T-Shirt Design Ideas that Sell

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Are you looking for trendy t-shirt printing design ideas?

Making new t-shirt designs appealing is typically the first thing that comes to mind while thinking of new t-shirt designs. You can certainly let your creativity run wild, but what if they don’t sell? What if people dislike them? All of these are good questions to consider,

A great t-shirt can make a huge impression at any event, from businesses to basketball teams to bands to bachelorette parties. If you want to be noticed, you’ll need a design style that matches the message your t-shirt is expressing.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 5 eye-catching t-shirt designs.

1- T-shirts for businesses and startups

Clothing increases confidence and self-image in addition to keeping us warm. Consider how you’d feel if your brand was linked with that emotion. This is vital not only for potential customers but also for employees, who interact with your brand on a regular basis.

One of the difficulties in using a t-shirt to promote a business is getting people to wear it. You’ll have a hard time finding people to wear it unless the design is spot-on and incredibly innovative. Nobody wants to squander a chance to be your walking advertisement for the sake of fashion. Use visuals to tell the design story. A t-shirt design using company names, slogans, or any other type of corporate text tends to feel like an advertisement. Drop the sales pitch and focus on the art if your company has a brand personality that lends itself to powerful graphics.

2- T-shirts for parties

Have you ever regretted sitting on the couch with a gallon of ice cream on a Friday night, checking your social media page to see a photo dump of your friends enjoying that party you were now too (*cough*) busy to attend? No, neither do I… That FOMO feeling is killing me. Imagine what would happen if everyone wore the same t-shirt.

The ultimate party shirt marks attendees as members of an exclusive group and can also serve as a badge of honor. While a t-shirt for a typical house party could be a bit excessive, it is appropriate for special occasions such as birthdays or large-scale celebrations such as Christmas.

3- T-shirts for fitness and sports

Nobody is more passionate about sports than the fans; not the coaches, commenters, or even the players themselves. A total and complete fanatical fandom is absolutely a positive thing when trying to sell a t-shirt. That’s what you need to cater to.

While sports fans may be willing to pledge their support with a t-shirt, that doesn’t mean you can just put the team’s monogram on it and call it a day. Consider reinventing your logo in the same way that the San Francisco Baseball logo was reimagined in the past. Use equipment and other popular iconography for a creative graphic that will appeal to the complete fandom surrounding a certain sport.

Participants in fitness regimens are up against the most difficult rivals of all: their own bodies, heredity, and sheer willpower. Consider a t-shirt design that stresses the kind of strength and unity that will be required to achieve the desired goals.

4- T-shirts for music maniacs

A favorite t-shirt is similar to a favorite song; you can listen to it again and again and it never gets old. Great music is unique, but great music on a t-shirt is even more.

Most concerts feature band shirts, and for good reason. Music fans, like sports fans, want to identify as fans and connect with people who share their interests—especially if their favorite band isn’t well-known. T-shirts not only a great means of promotion, but they also aid to establish a fan base.

5- Graphic tees

T-shirts were created for graphic tees. Pants, button-ups, jackets, you name it—they all tend to come in either solid colored or patterned. T-shirts with awesome artwork are a great way to look simply unique and cool—and that’s why people look to fashion in the first place.

Shape and placement are important factors to consider while designing graphic tees. A square or a rectangle appears far less natural than a round, organic design. Squares go on picture frames, not on your body. Also, unlike other shirts, you don’t have to keep the design front and center—you have the entire garment as a blank canvas to work with, front and back. You can print it toward the bottom, in the upper right where a pocket square may be, or all over, depending on how the artwork draws the eye.

While the sky is the limit with graphic shirts, this is the single most popular t-shirt use case, so let your imagination run wild and put your screen printing skills to good use.

One idea does not inspire all when it comes to T-Shirt Designing

T-shirts are used for a variety of purposes, from professional to personal, but whatever t-shirt design requirement you have, make sure you provide your customers with a tee that is just as amazing as something they would buy at the mall.