Best 10 Promotional Items That Actually Work 2021

Best 10 Promotional Items That Actually Work

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Promotional Items

Launching a promotional campaign can be almost an impossible task for small businesses or companies working with minimum profit margins. If you hire any marketing agency to conduct your marketing activities, the first question they will ask you is, “how much is your budget?” This question is bound to bring down any company’s hopes with a restrictive marketing budget. We suggest that you start small and invest in affordable promotional items that will help your brand with exposure and help create your brand’s identity in your clients’ eyes. Below is a list of easily affordable promotional items (Keizer) and promotional items (Salem OR) that every small brand can use for brand promotion.

brandsandlogos promotional items keizer OR

1. Frisbee Flyers

This is a fun way to help your consumer base remember your brand’s name. There are different kinds and materials of Frisbee flyers available in the market you can choose from, depending on how many you will need and how much you have set your budget to.

2. Pens

No matter what age or demographical characteristics your clients might have, they are very much likely to need pens for use at some point in the day. Each time they take out the pen endorsed with your brand’s name, they will be reminded of your company and this will help them retain your company’s name as long as they have that pen.

3. Tote bags

Tote bags are making a comeback as society becomes more and more conscious about their carbon footprint, and people have started to prefer reusable fabric instead of plastic. Tote bags have a big empty portion on the fabric, which can work as a canvas for you to print your logo on. Not only the person who uses the bag but the people who see this bag wherever it travels will be likely to think and feel curious about your brand.

4. Fidget spinners

These items are popular among both the younger consumers as well as the adults. Kids use this as a toy for amusement, while a large number of adults use these toys to relieve everyday stress. Every time a client looks down at the toy spinning in their fingers, they will surely think about the logo of your brand on the toy.

5. Phone stands

This is an item which will come quite useful to any client and will be used quite frequently by them. It is ideal to use such items for promotional purposes that cause convenience to the clients, as it will automatically think of your brand as a problem solver.

6. Hand Sanitizers

Travel size hand sanitizers have become a necessity for every individual now, and it can be used as a functional and effective promotional item tool for your brand as well. Many travel-size hand sanitizers, some with a strap that help you attach it to your purse and help not only the user but also the people around the user to retain your brand’s name and logo.

7. Lanyards

This tool can be quite useful for holding keys, cards, I.D.s, etc. and are commonly used by people who find it hard to keep hold of their items at all times, as they can be worn around the neck.

8. Mugs

The best part about using mugs for promotional purposes is that they come for many different prices, whatever a brand can afford. You can choose a plastic mug or a ceramic one, or even a thermos mug if you wish; the options are unlimited.

9. Table Calendars

Calendars are an essential item for your worktable at the office or your study table at home. This an old and ever-useful tool to make your clients look at your brand’s ads throughout the year. Each time they flip the page over to the next month, their attention would go to your promotional message that changes with every month.

10. Phone Wallets

Phones are unarguably the item that is used the most by anyone throughout the day. We carry it everywhere with us, and hence, these wallets will be a subject of attention by anyone who sees it on another person’s phone.