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9 Creative Uses for Custom Notebooks

When it comes to branded business products, logo-decorated notebooks are the most popular. It’s easy to see why:

  • Notebooks are helpful for a wide range of industries.
  • They’re flat and provide a big surface for branding.
  • Our latest digital decoration processes allow us to produce rich photo-style color.

Is it true, though, that you can only use them as notebooks? Absolutely not! Today, we’ll look at some of the great uses for customized notebooks that we’ve heard of.

1. Bullet Journals

Do you want to start the new year off right? Why not make a bullet journal out of one of our bulk branded notebooks? Keeping point-form entries of future goals, monthly accomplishments, and daily tasks is part of the bullet journal method. It’s something that many organized people swear by, so maybe it’ll work for you as well!

2. Customized Cook Book

While maintaining all of your notes digitally is convenient, nothing beats a traditional recipe book, especially when it’s filled with your favorite family recipes. Unfortunately, many individuals are reverting to the old school practice of hand-writing recipes in a beautiful notebook because scrolling through recipes on a smartphone or tablet is difficult.

3. Journal for Corporate Business

You can keep tips from mentors, crucial workplace details, or just your office notes in one of our corporate custom notebooks. This is an intelligent way to use our notebooks, and it’s well-known for a reason: it works! So, to see how you do, try keeping a record of your important business actions for reflection or reference.

4. Affirmation Book

Do you like to use positive affirmations to help you get through the more challenging times in life? Then make your next book of affirmations out of one of our custom notebooks. Make a list of positive mantras and significant thoughts to assist you in shifting your mindset. You’ll like having one of these at home or at work to help you think more optimistically.

5. Personalized Art or Sketchbook

Do you have a more creative side to you? Then you should check out our lineless promotional notebooks, which are perfect for individuals who want to draw or paint. The pages are fully line-free, allowing you to express yourself freely. In addition, our custom notebook printing includes your design on the cover, making them a great way to promote your company to artistic recipients.

6. Idea Journal

Do you have a lot of fantastic ideas that come to you throughout the day? Then, you might require your logo-emblazoned idea journal, which you can carry with you at all times when your creative side strikes. Idea notebooks are a terrific way to ensure you don’t lose your ideas, whether you’re a rising stand-up comedian, a junior inventor, or an aspiring novelist.

7. Expenses Book with Logo

Keeping an expenses book is a tried-and-true method for many small businesses. Still, it also works for individuals who wish to keep track of their spending without relying on unreliable apps. When you start keeping an expenses book, you’ll be amazed at how much money you spend daily, and you’ll be motivated to keep track of your finances.

8. Custom Travel Journal

Before your next big journey, pick up one of our custom notebooks and use it to keep track of all your extraordinary travel adventures. These notebooks are perfect for recording all of your enjoyable adventures in one spot, so you can include photos or build collages. They’ll be a nice keepsake from your trip when you come back home.

9. Marketing Your Business Using Our Custom Notebook Printing Service

Finally, consider investing in one of our promotional notebooks to market your company and boost your brand. Give them to your employees as a way to keep track of memos, hand them out at an expo to promote your company, or include them as a tip-on gift with purchases. In addition, we imprint your logo on each notebook, making them the ultimate promotional product. For more information on this or any of the other ideas listed above, visit us at https://www.brandsandlogos.net/ – we’re happy to help!