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7+ Secrets to Help You Create Cool T-Shirt Design Ideas

Print on demand T-shirts in Salem, Oregon, are a growing market, and the custom T-shirt printing market is expected to become a $10 billion industry by 2025.

Are you a creative designer or a businessman vying to venture into the t-shirt business to create designs that people would like to wear over and over again? Initially, it may sound easy enough to create new t-shirt designs all the time. However, humane limitations can make it harder and harder to come up with fresh, out-of-the-box ideas that stand out after a while. Fortunately, you need not worry. We have your back! 

Check these tips out to find new and creative t-shirt design ideas your clients will love.


1. Find your target audience

Setting a focus before you set out looking for designs to put on a t-shirt is very important. First, you have to know who that t-shirt is meant for. Then, identifying the market you’re designing for can help you in coming up with new designs.

Think about the audience you want to design for. Making your customers feel a connection to what you’re creating is imperative for your business venture to flourish, and you need to take some time to get a clear idea about what they want from a t-shirt design.

We agree that this requires you to put in some hard work, but it’s all worth it if you want a smooth and successful start. Do your research, and once you get it right, you can quickly establish an authentic brand position in the market.


2. Keep up with the market trends

It’s always helpful for every business to know about the current market trends. The same goes for t-shirt printing in Salem, Oregon. Often, even a little market research is enough to get you tons of new and creative t-shirt design ideas that are likely to sell like hotcakes. So keep up with your competitors and what’s trending with their audience! That’s what we would advise.  

CAUTION: Get inspired but never copy or steal

Print-on-demand (POD) websites and marketplaces are other places you can look at to have an insight into the most in-vogue items. 


3. Read the News to know what’s trending

The news is a bankable source of inspiration when it comes to finding marketable t-shirt printing ideas. When printed on a tee, whatever is trending in your market is definitely going to make a good impression.

PRO TIP: be politically correct ALWAYS!


4. Use Mashups and innovate

A mash-up is something created by combining elements from two or more sources. Think of possible combinations that could potentially interest your market and design unique t-shirt prints.


5. Take advantage of online resources

If you’re already a pro designer or just got into design, you can now easily find plenty of help online. Get started in online software such as Photoshop and get to know what t-shirt designs to create.


 6. Websites that offer royalty-free images and fonts are the help you need

It is not mandatory to create a design from scratch always. Surprised to know that? Well, there are tons of royalty-free designs, photographs, and fonts that you can sell as they are or edit to make your own. So select an appropriate design from these readily available free designs and save yourself the grill. You will thank us later!

But it would be best if you did your research as you might want to use images that need to be paid, or you’ll probably need a commercial license to sell designs on custom t-shirts in Portland, Oregon. So research- and research carefully!

While we suggest you stick to creating designs yourself, in case you want to explore paid options, here are a few resources to check:

  1. Creative Market – your go-to resource for thousands of ready-to-use assets, like graphics, fonts, and themes. You need to pay to download assets and make sure you look at what kind of license you need to sell for commercial use.
  2. Flaticon – 1,720,000 vector icons in all sorts of categories. Download as they are, or edit to your liking. If you use their free version, you need to attribute the artist correctly. If you opt for their paid subscription, you don’t need to attribute the design author (even for commercial use).
  3. Shutterstock – here you’ll find thousands of high-quality royalty-free photos and vector images. To sell them commercially, you’ll need their Enhanced License.
  4. Vexels – search for vector graphics that are merch ready! They offer tons of vector graphics explicitly made for t-shirts, but to sell commercially, you’ll need a license.
  5. Use Typography to your rescue

You can never go wrong with typography. Adapt it to any niche by playing around with the style of typography and the text. Although there are many ways to create typographic designs, isometric and hand-drawn typography are two popular styles that you can use for creating designs of your choice.

Always consider what your audience likes. Are they more about bold, geometric styles or a rustic aesthetic? Or maybe they’re drawn to your message, in which case, a simple font could work just fine!

EXPERT ADVICE: Go with stylized typography as it generally works better than using a basic font and looks more professional and unique.


7. Look around

Every person is a living story or has a story of their own to tell. Look around. Talk to people. Observe! You will get inspiration and countless ideas to design cool prints that are sure to find ground and become an instant hit among people. Make sure to utilize your creativity to your best!


8. Outsource

It’s the era of outsourcing. Connect with a freelance designer and let him handle the rest. UpWork, Fiverr, 99designs are some freelance platforms where you can outsource and hire the right person for your business. For example, if you are looking to outsource t-shirt screen printing in Portland, Oregon, the professionals at Brands and Logos are the best bet you can make. 

Now that you are done researching on and about your target audience, have found your niche, and have direction and ideas in mind, it’s about time you start working on creating your designs. Of course, we all want our stocks to be current and fresh, don’t we?